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How to Create Your First Affiliate Campaign and Join the Best Program

Affiliate marketing is the best way for young, hardworking people to build sustainable passive income streams. It’s the best combination of a freelancer and entrepreneur lifestyles. Affiliate marketer’s lifestyle makes for a highly effective low-risk high-reward early retirement strategy.

In this article, I will show you how to start executing it.

If you’d like to live a free life, working wherever you want, and build up a capital that will make it possible for you to stop working at the early 30s, affiliate marketing is the best choice. It has the upper hand over both funding your own company and working as an independent professional.

The odds of your affiliate network making a profit are much higher than with many other business ventures, especially founding a tech startup – a sector where the risks are very high. On the other hand, the final upside of your actions is also set much higher than the one you have just working as a freelancer – writing articles or social media posts for other people’s sites.

There’s one crucial thing being an entrepreneur, and an affiliate marketer have in common. You don’t need to overanalyze, plan, nor develop theories to do it successfully. All you have to do is start acting now and stick to it for a longer time. Start fast, don’t quit too soon – that’s the way.

There’s no value in too much planning as it doesn’t cost you a dime to start doing it. All you need to do is to spend a few minutes on setting up a campaign. Then send your links to friends or post them on social media, and see if you attract any new customers. When you find a single one, try to repeat and scale up the process.

Let’s remove the two hurdles that block the process and prevent you from becoming a young rentier:

  1. Which company should I choose?
  2. How do I start doing it?

What affiliate program should I choose?

The affiliate marketing industry is growing globally, which is no surprise since it’s highly profitable for both companies and affiliates. One of the side effects is the incredible abundance of affiliate marketing programs. How to choose the right one?

Let me give you some easy criteria. The affiliate marketing business you’d like to start should:

  1. Promote attractive digital products (the margins on physical products are lover) preferably via a search engine (i.e., Google)
  2. Offer competitive lifetime multilevel revenue shares (with recurring payments for the product or service)
  3. Promote a fast growing product or services that would offer you high conversion rates;
  4. Deliver products should have bright long term perspectives
  5. Have an excellent customer service and product reviews, so you don’t risk high churn rate (percentage of clients quitting a service)
  6. Use a superb affiliate tracking software to make things easy for you to control the revenue flows, optimize marketing efforts, and manage multilevel network

SimpleFX Affiliate Marketing Program powered by has it all. You get to promote a cryptocurrency powered trading platform accessible for everyone around the world. A fast-growing community of traders that exceeded 200,000 people.

Trading platforms make their money from tiny commission on each trade (so-called spreads). The cost is tiny and unnoticeable for a starter, however big volume traders that know how to make money generate a large income. As an affiliate, you can get up to 25% of the lifetime income produced by every new account registered after clicking on your affiliate links. Moreover, you can get up to 5% of the revenue made by the customers brought in by your affiliates – so-called multilevel revenue.

That’s not all. runs SimpleFX Affiliate Marketing Program. The platform gives you real-time stats and easy access to top-notch ads already translated into different languages.

Set up your first campaign

The best thing about SimpleFX Affiliate Marketing Program is that you get to use the quality product you promote. This makes it even easier to do.

Here’s a short guide on how to build your first affiliate campaign in just two minutes.

1. Sign up to SimpleFX. No deposit needed, just an e-mail address.

affiliate, cryptocurrency

2.And go to the “Refer friends” section in the ☰ menu of the app to go to your dashboard.

affiliate, simplefx

3.This is your ready-to-use affiliate panel. The stats are still empty.

simplefx, affiliate

4.That’s why go to the “Campaigns” section, and click the “NEW CAMPAIGN” button.


5.You don’t have to configure anything. Just name your campaign.


  1. That’s it! Your first campaign is ready. You can start sharing the referral links now, and each customer that registers using them will generate income for you.

Start sharing your links

This part is equally easy.


simplefx, affiliate

2.With SimpleFX Affiliate Marketing Program by, you can choose from three different distribution channels: display ad banners, simple links or complete landing pages.

simplefx, affiliate

In everything’s ready to use, just waiting for you to share it.

3.For display ads, choose the banner from the collection of 50 designs, the language you want to speak to your audience, the size, and copy the HTML code to your clipboard.

simplefx, affiliate

4.For simple links and landing pages, it’s even easier. It takes just two clicks to get a click-through rate (CTR) optimized landing page working for you.

  1. Start promoting your banners, links and landing pages.

Technically that’s it. You’ve made the hardest first step. Now give yourself a chance and start promoting the links.

You can do it anywhere. It’s crucial to understand the value you are giving your audience when promoting your product. SimpleFX is an intuitive, fast and reliable trading app that works literally on every device. The best thing about it is that it’s suitable for both beginner traders and experts. SimpleFX is a product that is used by satisfied customers forever.

What’s more, the revenue they generate is not simply recurring, it’s snowballing with time. The new users that you bring to the platform learn how to make money day trading. SimpleFX team supports them with tutorials and trading courses.

How to find traders and affiliates that will work for you? Start promoting SimpleFX.

  1. Participate in social media discussions and advocate the advantages
  2. Promote them with YouTube videos and YouTube comments
  3. Write blog posts that are searchable
  4. Buy ads to promote your blog or landing pages
  5. Run e-mail marketing campaigns
  6. Any marketing hack you can find.

That’s it. It’s easy to start, and it’s easy to get the first results. When planning a new business, you don’t need much more. With time you’ll get the hang of it, start talking with your affiliates, develop successful methods to attract not only many new customers but good affiliates, the ones with the potential of high volume trading, and profits for you.


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GG World’s White-Labeling Solutions: Improving an Industry

Being a project with a mission to improve the entire lottery industry which is currently torn by numerous issues, GG World’s team works tirelessly in this regard. While it’s on a mission to provide comprehensive online lotteries, the team has also created a dedicated white-labeling solution which enables people to tap into their expertise and take advantage of it.

WhiteLotto: More Than Regular White-Labeling

WhiteLotto is GG World’s white-labeling solution which aims to enable you to create your very own lottery business without having to do the heavy lifting. WhiteLotto offers the user a chance to tap into the experience into GG World’s team and reap the benefits of it.

It enables the user to set up a lottery business in a frictionless and easy way, allowing him to focus on the growth of the business instead of on its burdensome setup. WhiteLotto will assist you in establishing an appropriate company structure while helping you get the necessary licensing and payment processor contracts.

Unique Experience

WhiteLotto’s white-labeling solutions offer a range of different benefits for the future lottery business owner. It allows him to provide his users with a chance to participate in the world’s largest lotteries, to win the best jackpots and rollovers.

Being an all-in-one solution, WhiteLotto also takes care of the back office by incorporating tools for comprehensive user management, payment systems supporting over 1,000 altcoins, analytics, and reporting.

The solutions are mobile-ready, allowing the user to tap into the limitless world of mobile platforms. This will increase overall exposure, sales, and, ultimately – revenue.

The main focus, however, is placed on uniqueness and user experience. These are the main pillars of the white-labeling solutions brought by WhiteLotto. There are absolutely no pre-made templates. You can rest assured that, at the end of the day, your website will be unique, entirely dedicated, and properly customized.

Working to Improve the Lottery Industry

GG World’s mission is not to simply provide well-made online lotteries. Instead, it aims to improve the entire industry which is riddled by a range of different issues.

Through its online, blockchain-enabled and government-backed lotteries, the team will enable people to access state of the art solutions which adhere to their contemporary requirements.

The project’s STO is already running and has managed to raise more than $5.5 million in a relatively short amount of time. Having already developed its products, GG World will use the money to start creating its very first lotteries in the country of Zambia and to implement its marketing plan.

The project’s team consists of industry experts with broad and unparalleled experience in the field. If you are interested in GG World’s white-labeling solutions, you can check out more details and get in touch through the official website.

You can read more about the project and take part in there STO on their here!

Additionally, you can stay tuned on their Facebook or Twitter page for regular updates or join the live Telegram discussion if there’s something you want to ask about!

What do you think about GG World’s white-labeling solution? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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What Is the Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork and Why Is It Sending Other Cryptos Into Freefall?

2018 has been something of a watershed year for the cryptocurrency. The volatility that has been part and parcel of digital currency over the past ten years has started to level out into a pattern of steady, predictable growth. The major players Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple are being taken seriously and widespread adoption looks to be ever closer.

At least, that was the case for the first 10 months of the year. Over the past week or so, the major cryptocurrencies have tanked in a fashion that many commentators hoped, had been consigned to history. Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum investors have been left licking their wounds, and one phrase has been resonating by way of explanation: The Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Nodding sagely is well and good, but let’s be frank – most people are wondering what on earth it means and why it is causing chaos in the halls of crypto. Let’s try to find out.

What’s so hard about a fork?

Bitcoin Cash is itself, the product of a fork. It was created in 2017 to ease concerns over scalability by increasing the block size to 8MB, from Bitcoin Classic’s 1MB and by freeing up more space within blocks. Now, it has reached a point where it needs to fork again.

The network undergoes two revisions per year. The problem is that this time, there will be two separate updates, and they are mutually incompatible. Think of it like Noel and Liam Gallagher each having their own creative ideas about where to go next. The only solution is for each to go his own way – but they can’t both be called Oasis.

The Oasis parallel is not as fanciful as it might sound. For Liam and Noel, read Craig Wright and Roger Ver, the hitherto partners, each of whom will now be taking control of his own fork. The recently released email exchange between the pair certainly sounds more like the bickering of rock stars than a professional exchange between two middle-aged computer scientists and businessmen.

Knock on effect

Two grown men behaving like schoolchildren and calling each other names is the sort of thing that most of us would either find mildly amusing or just plain pathetic, and that would be an end to it. However, in this case, the fork, the fallout and the obscurity over which path will retain most mining support have combined to give the whole crypto community a case of the collective jitters.

There are many who use cryptocurrency as more than just an investment tool. For example, as a preferred currency in the rapidly growing Bitcoin casino sector or as a cost-effective way of affecting international money transfers. One point that all these different types of users agree on is that any change in the landscape can cause destabilisation. This becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, as traders make a dash for the door, selling off their stocks, and hey-presto, we have a price crash of 10 percent across all the major cryptocurrencies.

Unsurprisingly, it was Bitcoin Cash itself that bore the brunt of the losses, a fact made all the more ironic given that this was the only significant cryptocurrency that had been showing gains over recent weeks when the likes of Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum were holding steady.

Angel Versetti is the CEO of Ambrosus, a tech firm that uses blockchain technology for its IoT sensors. In an interview with The Independent last week, he explained the dynamic at work: “In the first week of November, while the markets for the main large cryptos were flat, bitcoin cash was the only major cryptocurrency shooting up. It created strong expectations and pulled the price up, resulting in outflow from other cryptocurrencies. However, now the split is looming and the outcome is yet undefined. This has impacted the outflow of money from bitcoin cash. As people are moving into fiat, cryptocurrencies are taking a fall.”

What lies ahead?

Predicting the future behaviour of cryptocurrencies is a notoriously hazardous business, and up until last week, market analysts had been predicting a strong end to 2018 and a surge in values. This sudden drop might not have been part of the script, but the prognosis for the coming months is not necessarily doom and gloom.

If certain market conditions are met, the crypto market could bounce back stronger than ever. Market research agency SharePost has been looking at the indicators and their Managing Director, Rohit Kulkarni says that it would only take some clarity from regulators and perhaps some commercial innovation in the market from one of this year’s blockchain startups to turn the bear into a bull and get the market back on track.

The Bitcoin Cash fork has come at an unfortunate moment, but hard forks like these will be inevitable bumps in the road that the market will have to ride. From a broader perspective, 2018 could still be looked back upon as the year that cryptocurrency really came of age.

Image: Pixabay

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Establish an On-Going Passive Income Stream with GG World Lottery

GG World Lottery is a reliable project which introduces a lot of different ways users can make serious passive gains on their investment. GGCOIN token holders are entitled to receiving a lifetime GG revenue share which will enable them to establish an on-going and stable string of passive income which requires absolutely no further involvement.

Powered by the Blockchain

The main intention of GG World is to deliver fully online, transparent, user-friendly, mobile, and government-backed lotteries. They are based on blockchain technology which enables them to solve a lot of the inherent issues of the industry.

At the same time, though, the project provides investors with a variety of different ways to increase their returns. It is by far the first project which successfully integrates a true random number generator based on blockchain technology. Hence, GG World is able to guarantee that the draws happen randomly based on the quantum physics principle of true randomness in the world.

A Stable Passive Income

By purchasing GGCOIN tokens, investors will be automatically entitled to a lifetime revenue share based on each GG World Lottery jackpot prize win. This means that everytime someone wins the jackpot, GGCOIN token holders will win as well.

The revenue string is passive, meaning that it requires absolutely no further participation. What is more, the dividends are paid on a quarterly basis, depending on the number of jackpots wins occurring throughout the given period. The more GGCOIN tokens are sold during the STO, the higher the dividend payout is going to be.

In addition to this, users will be able to profit from taking part in a comprehensive affiliate system. A total of 5 percent from the entire token supply is specially reserved for affiliate system payouts.

Every single affiliate will be entitled to a total of 5 percent revenue share of all the tokens which are purchased by their leads. This is going to allow the user to build on and increase the passive income potential of the lifetime revenue share.

A Variety of Winning Opportunities

It’s evident that GG World Lottery puts the participant at the forefront and that it’s a project which aims to provide as many ways to win as possible.

Users will be able to take part in state-of-the-art national online lotteries which are designed with unparalleled user experience in mind. They can be accessed irrespective of the user’s current whereabouts as they are also mobile-friendly.

Besides, a substantial part of the income will be used to support good causes and charities in all of the countries which will be a part of the GG World Lottery.

To further attest to its successful plan, GG World Lottery has already managed to raise more than $5.5 million during the beginning of its STO. You can take part and benefit from this opportunity to establish a profitable and stable passive income here.

Stay tuned on the project’s Facebook and Twitter page to receive regular updates. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via the Telegram group.

What do you think of GG World Lottery’s ambitious project? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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Unibright & Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb’s Collaboration for Tokenization of Services

Deutsche Bahn AG, a Germany-based, biggest railway operator in Europe, is all set to tokenize its ecosystem with the help of Unibright’s blockchain solution. The project includes working on the workshop content for an internal entrepreneurship program, through which the Deutsche Bahn (DB)’s ecosystem will be tokenized via blockchain technology.

The Background

DB is the biggest railways operator in Europe, earning the highest revenue in the industry worldwide during 2015. It has a grand customer base of around 2 billion every year. The company offers tickets, both standard and personalized, via website, app and ticket machine.  Inclusive services like transportation, accommodation, and catering are also provided.

Akram Sioud, the BI developer and blockchain professional at DB, has convinced the company to take Unibright on board for developing blockchain based solution to put together all connected services. The three experts at Unibright are currently focused on a 4-week DB internal workshop to initiate the project, gather information and discuss implementation matters with the company’s selected experts.

Structural & Technical DB Ecosystem

In terms of structure, the Deutsche Bahn ecosystem already has the company and all its connected service providers on board. At the same time, the ecosystem is technically connected to datastreams of multiple participant companies empowered by APIs at one or both ends of the connection. These connections enable integration of the services onto a common platform as a part of the ecosystem.

Marten Jung, CEO of Unibright, states:

“One goal of the workshop concept was to define better, which players can be part of an ecosystem around Deutsche Bahn and to make proposals on how this ecosystem can be built. The result should feel natural to the customer and provide tangible advantage.”

Ecosystem Tokenization

Through tokenization, the participating values and assets will be converted into transferrable, partial, controllable and restricted-in-use tokens, which will act like vouchers or value representation with specific sense in DB ecosystem.

Daniel Benkenstein, CIO of Unibright, says:

“One goal of the workshop concept was to tokenize values and assets that can be part of that future ecosystem, and also to check on possible transformations of existing value-based systems like “BahnBonus-Punkte” (a reward program where a customer can collect points for each ticket purchase)”.

Choosing blockchain as the technology, Stefan Schmidt, CTO of Unibright, adds:

“The technical part of integrating existing players into a newly build ecosystem is not trivial. Therefore, one goal of the workshop concept was to show, which parts of the solution can live in a blockchain and how can they be integrated with the “off-chain world”, a challenge that is explicitly targeted by the Unibright Framework”

The Ecosystem’s Basic Workflow

The concept is to connect all parts of the journey via tokens, including travel miles, services, hotel bookings, services, transportation and other assets. The purchase assets can be transferred or sold.

Roles and Processes

  • The issuing office defines new tokens to become part of the ecosystem, e.g. when a new provider is included
  • The provider can offer his tokens for sale on a dedicated platform
  • A collector transfers tokens from users to providers; either manually or automatically.
  • The consumer manages his wallet to hold and monitor the different assets, represented by tokens.

On these roles the following processes are defined.

  • Selling and buying tokens
  • Collecting tokens
  • Transferring tokens
  • Issuing new tokens for new assets of new providers

The Utilization of Tokenized Assets

Different suppliers can define new assets and bring them into the ecosystem. These tokens can be (independently) redeemed for their initial purpose and be bought later to refill the personal balance.

unibright, Deutsche Bahn

A customer can gain big through option that connects and converts different assets from the ecosystem.

unibright, Deutsche Bahn

Proof of Concept Integration

The DB ecosystem consists of four aspects for PoS implementation.

  • A token and asset model based on NEM features, including a basic REST-API,
  • Views for the customer
  • Views for the responsible designer of the ecosystem, using the Unibright Workflow Designer.
  • Views for the responsible manager of the ecosystem, using the Unibright Explorer.

The NEM features

The given solution is built on NEM Protocol, offering different smart assets and operations based on NEM features.

  • For each asset, a specific token is created, representing the balance of this asset
  • For each token, a reverse token is created, modeling the claim to this asset as soon as the service is provided.
  • All tokens initially are in wallets that are owned by DB.
  • Every purchased travel leads to an account (wallet), assigned to a specific user, holding the purchased and claimed tokens.

The API-Supported operations are:

  • Booking a journey
  • Creating a wallet and purchasing tokens
  • Transferring tokens
  • Clearing

The Ecosystem Views

  • Unibright Workflow Designer

With the Unibright Framework, a blockchain based process is designed visually, and all blockchain related objects are generated automatically. Unibright made proposals for managing existing and new tokens within the Unibright Workflow Designer, using the “Ecosystem Tokenization Template”.

  • Unibright Explorer

With the Unibright Explorer, a business specialist can monitor the ongoing process without needing to know any blockchain specific know-how.

In Future

The teams are working to determine the potential of DB’s tokenized ecosystem that will also take into consideration the development of open and integrated solutions, addition of new partners, generating automated benefits and offers for the users and ensuring data privacy.

To know more about Unibright and this unique project it has started working on, please visit


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“Crypto Companies Will Choose the Governments the Most Open to Them,” Tim Draper and Others Forecast for 2019

2019 is set to be a year which cleanses the crypto market of scammers, brings about more comprehensible regulation of crowdfunding campaigns, the advancement of DEXs and related technologies, and the expansion of companies applying decentralized technologies. Here are some forecasts for the crypto industry for the upcoming year which, of course, should be taken only as a set of opinions and not a direct guide to action.


The year 2018 marked the great ICO hangover with a tenfold decrease in total funds raised through token sales in November compared to that of January. The fact that ICOs have become almost a red card when trying to attract media attention has been appreciated by projects in the blockchain arena. The most affected were those who had at the very least some kind of tested product behind them, in the ocean of those who only bothered to muster up a white paper.

This does not mean, however, that this fundraising tool which has proven its viability in a number of successful projects like Ethereum, EOS, and NEO, should be discounted. The main trouble is that speculators, scammers, Ponzi scheme followers, and even hypothetically innocent projects affected by attacks, overheated the market and enraged regulators. No wonder the ICO ended up being consequently banned in China and Hong Kong or faced a clampdown by the SEC.

In pursuit of something less associated with criminality and hacks, the industry has come to a safer alternative for companies aimed at raising funds – regulated security token offerings, or STOs, which are a trend set to take off in 2019. Although the share of projects running STOs is now relatively small, complying security tokens with US securities law is intended to restore credibility amongst investors. From an investor perspective, security tokens imply far greater flexibility – in particular, the ability to easily sell them – and trustless transactions without the need for brokers and middlemen.

Does all this mean that STOs will run like clockwork? Probably not, and for several reasons. Firstly, launching an STO remains no less complicated, costly and scrupulous than an ICO due to the ton of paperwork required for registration. For garage startups, fundraising will still remain an unbearable burden. Secondly, running an STO does not mean setting previous requirements to zero, such as KYC and AML compliance: procedures which bring about a loss of anonymity and privacy.

Thirdly, if your startup meets the SEC requirements today, this does not mean the same will be said for tomorrow since the commission’s intentions remain a minefield. All that is left to do is wait for the SEC and other regulators to submit clearer rules of play. One way or another, the beginning of 2019 is expected to be marked by extensive lists of STO projects, along with collected funds aspiring upwards.


2019 is set to become a year in which the rules of the game in the crypto market will become clearer if jurisdictions across the globe follow the example of United States’ SEC and Hong Kong’s SFC guidance. In addition to tougher sanctions towards ICOs, regulators will also focus on AML (anti-money laundering) and CFT (combating the financing of terrorism) regulations.

Overregulation, however, may lead to crypto companies’ migration into more friendly jurisdictions and the setting up of new crypto hubs.

“Governments overregulate at their own peril. As China and Singapore lost Binance to Malta, other companies will choose the governments that are the most open to cryptocurrencies, like Japan, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Malta, Cayman, some African countries, Singapore and others,” says Tim Draper, venture capital investor, founding partner of Draper Associates and DFJ. As for the US, they, according to Draper, might still be in the game if they come up with clear, light-touch regulations for crypto companies to operate within.

Blockchain applications   

In 2019, blockchain-powered startups are expected to focus on advancing the unstoppable infrastructure for the digital world, including decentralized computing, a vital part of which is the elimination of single point of failure.

Finance, banking, commerce

“Bitcoin and all its associated technologies will lead the world to the transformation of many of the largest industries. And when Bitcoin, the blockchain, and smart contracts are combined with big data, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence, almost every industry will ultimately be improved. Finance, banking, commerce, insurance, real estate, the law, accounting, healthcare, and government are the obvious industries that will benefit greatly from a new technological shot in the arm,” Tim Draper claims.

“The blockchain will gain momentum in finance, which will result in the creation of counterparts of traditional financial instruments, asset management tools and new forms of securities,” says David Shengart, co-founder at SWIDOM agency, focused on fundraising and providing services for blockchain-powered projects. According to Shengart, the need for a blockchain in this area is now well understood by crypto enthusiasts and bankers on Wall Street.

Mainstream companies will be also implementing blockchain en masse. The reason for this is that many of them became cramped in their own shell and are now getting out of it and trying to fill new niches. Blockchain may well be what they need.

According to Mr. Draper – who is confident that the price of bitcoin is still on track to hit a quarter of a million dollars by 2022 – the adoption of cryptocurrency by large network companies will have a positive effect on the bitcoin exchange rate. “The real knee in the curve will happen once all the great engineering work is complete and we can easily spend our bitcoin at Starbucks, Amazon, at the gas station, to buy a Tesla, real estate and so on. More bitcoin wallets, more usage of bitcoin and other tokens too, more creative solutions to using tokens in various marketplaces. Just more,” he says.


The professional advancement of teams working at the intersection of IoT/AI and blockchain will open the door to transgressing industries and their transformation into industry 4.0, with autonomous machines able to fulfill obligations that are programmed into smart contracts. This will advance the nascent ecosystem of smart cities and industry 4.0. The area in which the blockchain stands a good chance to succeed in 2019 is making supply chains more transparent by opening data up in regards to what is happening inside a factory, product storage or delivery chain.

“There will be more services in IoT which aim to analyze data and redistribute them into IoT-based services in smart cities, not only for improving infrastructure but also to the benefit of the consumer. Along with this, we will witness IoT devices in smart cities becoming more complicated – from sensors and ordinary robots like ATMs and coffee machines to mobile robots such as lawnmowers, delivery drones, and utility vehicles,” claims Alisher Khassanov, the industrial engineer behind Robonomics Network, an Ethereum network infrastructure for autonomous robots’ integration into manufacturing and supply chains.

DEXs, interoperability protocols

Breathtaking upgrades and features for the bull market await users of decentralized exchanges with their growing recognition and UX improvement. Potentially huge benefits associated with DEXs, such as holding customers’ funds outside of exchanges and free entrance for anyone; decentralized exchanges are expected to pick up more volume.

Along with that, “DEXs’ incapability of fiat-to-altcoin pairing will boost the advancement of Layer 3 interoperability protocols operating on the P2P network model. Such a technology is not based on a common ledger and simplifies fiat money payments and exchanging different assets, be it cryptocurrency, fiat money or equivalents of kilowatt-hours,” says Max Demyan, CEO at the GEO Protocol project that allows building different third-party dApps and solutions, including cross-chain decentralized exchanges.

According to Demyan, It seems inevitable that peer-to-peer, censorship-resistant decentralized exchanges will continue to rise in popularity throughout 2019. If DEXs can come up with solutions that balance regulation standards and privacy as well as functionality and intuitiveness, they can eventually beat CEXs.

Crypto media

A downturn for ICOs this year has already reduced the number of projects hunting for media attention. More thorough product filtering is now reducing the demand for media coverage, meaning decent projects are in a better position to reach their target audience. Media which is overusing paid content will either return to journalistic standards to save traffic or be forced to make way for someone else.

“Mediocre projects that try to close the eyes of editors with money are becoming aware of the meaninglessness of doing so because of the prospect of ending up with empty pockets and no positive outcome,” supposes Diana King, CEO of LEVER8 PR agency, focused on blockchain projects.

She is positive that prices for ad placement are likely to decline and editorial boards will be forced to reduce staff to pre-hype levels. “Those who initially kept the bar high and were not involved in scandals caused by the publication of commercial materials without the “sponsored” mark will survive,”Diana adds.

In sum

In 2019 more companies will allocate additional funds to the blockchain, and those who are already engaged in this will move one step further towards ready-to-use products. Because of the new legislative reality, those who had previously planned to hold an ICO will set sights on holding an STO, which on the one hand will complicate their task, but at the same time will force them to ponder upon their tokenomics more thoroughly. Decentralization, interoperability and going beyond one blockchain will manifest itself in the emergence of new protocols and the advancement of existing ones.

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Blame Regulation or Speculator Sell-Off… But the Crypto Community is Responsible for the Most Recent Price Drop

We’ve bottomed out! Bitcoin can only go up from here. $6,000 USD… No… $5,000? Okay, $3,000 is the definitive barrier. It’s only up from here. Just hold on. 2019 is crypto’s year. One bear conservatively reduced his end of year price prediction from $25,000 to $15,000.

If all of that sounds crazy, it’s because it is.

Since crypto captured the world’s attention at the end of 2017, rocketing close to $20,000 dollars before losing almost eighty percent of its value by November, debates have raged over the future of the market. Almost daily, another crypto evangelist can be found shouting that an unprecedented rise is just a few weeks away. And that’s starting to become a problem…

Much of the blame for crypto’s stagnation and the decline has been placed on two factors, uncertain regulation and speculator sell-off. Analysts promise that once concrete legislation is laid down by governments for the incorporation of crypto into more traditional financial spaces, prices will go to the moon. Regulation means less uncertainty about the legality of cryptocurrencies and greater adoption.

Speculator sell-off pegs crypto’s decline to investors who jumped into the market during the rise, failing to understand what they were actually buying, and cutting their losses post-crash. This may help explain the initial drop at the beginning of the year, but it is unlikely this is still a driving force in the November collapse.

So why are Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tanking so hard? The ugly truth is that the crypto community, the many of the true believers, may be responsible.

Market leaders keep shooting themselves in the foot. It appears that major industry players at Tether and Bitfinex were manipulating the price of Bitcoin during the rise last year, leveraging their market control to create flurries of fake activity and send the price higher and higher. Combined with countless fraudulent ICO scams and the usage of Bitcoin to fund illegal activities, the last thing crypto needs is for “legitimate” players to be engaging in illegal schemes.

Major players have also been delegitimizing crypto through greedy infighting. While occasional hardforks make sense when philosophical debates arise over network updates, the recent Bitcoin Cash fork was unnecessarily childish and violent. Both sides went to war over the future of the currency, including threats to completely destroy the other coin.

This highlights two problems with the crypto community: fragmentation and individuals with too much power. Forking networks for different functionalities… okay on occasion. Forking networks for individual gain and waging war on the opposing network… concerning and illegitimate.

If the crypto community is actually worried about impending government regulation making or breaking the market, they need to shore up their practices across the board. No cryptocurrency will be regulated favorably when the market is wrought with fraud, scams and selfish infighting.

However, turning the page on scummy activity, while vital to long-term success, may prove impossible for many players. Uncertainty breeds uncertainty. The lower the price drops, the more desperate major players become, making the shady activity more appealing. More fraud equals less favorable regulation, fewer adopters and decreased valuation.

Crypto evangelists are too often looking like snake oil salesmen. Manipulation is tainting trustless networks. The crypto community has to find its feet and square up before they can hope for widespread, positive adoption.

Decentralization, one of the aspects the community prides itself upon, may make this hard. No one with the power to make positive changes, to behave more sustainably, has the incentive to do so, as more conservative positions could lead to a further decline in valuation, and another drop could kill off more exchanges and firms. Bitcoin’s other decentralization problem is that so much of the market is controlled by a handful of accounts, giving these whales’ immense influence over the market – something that makes the market less decentralized than would be ideal to foster a stable store of value.

Ultimately the crypto community needs to take a long, hard look at their practices to ensure that Bitcoin and crypto can flourish in the future. Rampant fraud, shady evangelists promoting “trustless” environments and too much-centralized control need to be dealt with before government regulation sets their own harsh rules as a reaction to the activity in the crypto space. Crypto has the power to revolutionize the global financial system if the community doesn’t squander its potential with greedy gut reactions to short-term panic.

For now, the evangelists need to hop off their soapboxes and stop proclaiming $500,000 valuations. Even if Bitcoin does eventually go that high, these are not the conversations we need to be having right now. Regulatory compliance, sustainable growth, stability, and technical hurdles should all be on the docket, not hypemanship. Regulation and outside interest will define crypto’s valuation in the future, but that’s not what is wiping out value right now. When searching for answers to why the most recent drop occurred, the community should start by looking in the mirror.



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