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Using Your Mining Rig, Which Crypto Coin Should You Mine This 2019?

Do you want to start mining Crypto Coins this year? Or have you already been mining for sometime now? Either way, you should know the course of this Crypto Coins trade in order for you to make profits.

It’s clear that Crypto Coin mining is one of the most taken routes in order to make profits in this field. These days though, in order for you to be able to jump into the mix, you would at least need an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miner.

The problem is that for normal people who mine using their CPUs and GPUs, the introduction of these ASIC miners gave them a hard time to compete, as these machines are exponentially more powerful in mining Crypto Coins in comparison.

But don’t despair, for normal CPU and GPU miners, there’s a solution, we all just have to mine for Crypto Coins that use a different algorithm.

If you’re mining using your CPU, you would get the most profit if you would pick Crypto Coins that work on the Cryptonight Cryptocurrency Algorithm:

  • Monero

Released in April of 2014, Monero is an open-source project, and its main tenets revolve around ‘fungibility’, privacy, and decentralization.

  • Dogecoin

Dogecoin prominently depicts the famous internet meme Doge, a Shiba Inu dog, as seen on the Crypto Coin’s logo. It was introduced on the 6th of December, 2013 as a “Joke Currency”, but is now a legit Crypto Coin valued at 60 million USD.

  • Zcash

Zcash is a Crypto Coin that has focus primarily on using Cryptography in order to enhance user’s privacy.

And if you’re mining using a GPU, here are the Crypto Coins you should be mining for healthy profits: 

  • Bitcoin Gold

Launched in November 12, 2017, Bitcoin Gold’s main focus is to disallow ASIC miners and give chance to normal CPU and GPU miners.

  • Zencash

Zencash is also an open-source Crypto Coin that works on Blockchain technology to provide privacy and anonymity to its users.

  • Zclassic

Zelassie is a fork of ZCash and runs on the same underpinnings, the only difference is that rewards are 20% less, but that said, it’s still going to be a good choice as not too many people are mining it.

(Jet Encila is a freelance writer, editor and journalist from the Philippines).

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Bitcoin (BTC) 9 Pct Breakout at $3,700 Makes Bulls Happy, at Least for Now

Bitcoin (BTC) traders heaved a sigh of relief following the crypto’s slight move upwards early today, a breakout long overdue.

BTC has breached the $3,600 price mark from a long tight trading pattern, along with other major digital currencies that have been under the mercy of bears.

In just a matter of hours, bitcoin surged strongly past $3,500, then $3,600, and even $3,700 at one instance, with lots of buy-side pressure to boot.

In the past weeks, traders had become used to seeing transitions of under the hundred-dollar level in one session and today’s breakout is rather good news.

BTC has been dropping on a consistent basis since reaching an all-time peak of nearly $20,000 in December 2017, forcing many crypto and blockchain startups to retrench and leaving many investors desperate for signs on which direction the market will shift to next.

Shot in the arm: 9 pct recovery

As of mid-trading day, bitcoin rallied above the $3,450 point and was trading at around $3,640, indicating a 9.05 pct recovery for the day. It ushered the week at around $3,494 on February 1, falling as low as $3,397 a week later.

The other noteworthy occurrence on the market today was the reshuffling of the 5 key coins in terms of market capitalization. Litecoin overtook EOS for fourth place in the rankings. On the top 20 list, LTC is the heavy advancer, soaring almost 25 pct and trading at $41.925, while Ethereum has also finally extricated itself from the $100 mark, which is welcome news to everyone.

Meanwhile, Ripple (XRP) soared by 5.69 pct in the last 24 hours, and now trades at around $0.307 as of this posting. The largest altcoin by market cap, currently valued around $12.7 billion, XRP moved up 0.12 pct on the week, while its monthly decline is about 15 percent.

The total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is currently around $120.4 billion, while at the start of the day it was around $111.5 billion, based on the CoinMarketCap Index.

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Retail Trade App Invstr Introduces New Crypto Index

One of the leading applications for investors, Invstr, recently announced its additional feature, the Cryptocurrency Index.

Millions of users of the app will now be able to monitor the ups and downs of the prices of virtual currencies in the market aside from comparing these to other players in the industry.

The new feature also allows users to view different asset categories in the new platform which is not limited only to assets, tokens, and payment, but several inclusions as well.

Invstr also announced that virtual currencies will be assessed every three months and will remove those which are unstable and add new players that show stability in the industry.

Optimizing risks

“Volatility (is) more important than market cap for retail traders,” Invstr’s top official Kerim Derhalli said.

The new players will be added if and when they have reached the price maturity which the Invstr has set.

Derhalli added that while some indices measure impact on the market’s asset class, which some investors, especially the smaller ones do not find significant, the Invstr Crypto Index addresses the issue by employing weighting standards to optimize risk and rewards based on the instability of the players’ assets.

Invstr also said that few small cryptocurrency trading players are proven to recover and even minimize their instability with this format.

Top crypto included

It is even reported in Cointelegraph a few months ago that old but not necessarily big cryptocurrency players beat those individual players with high capitalization as they surprisingly became the biggest takers of virtual currency market worth more than $100,000.

Top executive of Cumberland of DRW Holdings LLC Bobby Cho aptly said that: “The Wild West days of crypto are really turning the corner.” This only shows that professionalization is already happening in this industry.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and EOS are just some of the top names in the crypto market that are already included in the new Invstr app.

(By Cristina Eleuterio-Alivio)




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Bitcoin (BTC) Briefly Below $3,400 as Crypto Landscape Struggles

Bitcoin still reels from its recent setbacks as most digital currency trading floors still provide a rather shaky outlook for the crypto as of yesterday.

Uncertainty still looms

BTC global average made a modest climb to $3,469, over the 24-hour course. On Bitfinex, it retreated to $3,504. This is essential because if Bitfinex falls, so does the bitcoin market.

Interestingly, Bitfinex has surged higher compared to the rest of the market, as most analysts have noticed of late.

In some instances, the trend results to an uncertain arbitrage opportunity of up to $100. For instance, Litecoin hit the $34 level on the world market average, while EOS struggles to reach the $2.50 mark, but remains at $2.38. On the other hand, Stellar slumps below $0.08, as Bitcoin SV keeps falling.

BTC momentarily below $3,400

Coinbase trading early yesterday pushed Bitcoin deeper to the $3,399 mark, though momentarily, before bouncing back which merged in the price as of this posting at $3,425.

Going back to Bitfinex, which looks poised to set the bar for majority of the market, BTC/USD pair registered a dismal True Strength Indicator (TSI), while Litecoin finally breached the $34 boundary it has been targeting since last week.

If projections of a downward slide does happen for bitcoin  – and Litecoin maintains its strong momentum – a promising altcoin-Bitcoin bond may be in the offing.

Meanwhile, Litecoin has dipped below the $34 level over at Coinbase, after peaking at $34.11 for the day. Consistently enough, Litecoin’s volume exceeded $700 million, which is more than EOS or XRP, both of which have greater market cap as we speak.


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